Monday, March 3, 2008


Parenting 101: No dessert if you don't eat your dinner.

This is a rule that every parent knows, right?

I repeat this at least once a day. However, it seems that tonight Colby ate two cherry tomatoes and a handful of M&M's for dinner.

Ry was fussy, so I was dealing with him while Matt and the big boys ate. Once I got him to bed, I started clearing the table. Matthew's plate was completely clean (as usual...I have no idea how the boy is so darn skinny). Colby's plate was exactly as I'd made it except for the missing tomatoes from his salad.

Matt was completely clueless that Colby hadn't eaten. The child was sitting right next to him! I guess he was on auto-pilot and when Matthew chose a treat from his Valentine basket, Colby did, too.

Some days I think Matt needs to re-read the instruction manual these kids came with!


realitymomma said...

laughing! matt was not on auto-pilot; that is just how dad's fly!!! matthew and alayna are the same; where does all that food really go?

Taylor said...

Ok, so when Matt is done with the manual we'll have him fill Joe in (cause Joe won't read it). He's even been known to hand them suckers on their way out the door in the morning, right after they brush their teeth for school....

Sharon Kotter said...

But I bet Matt made sure Colby took small bites and chewed!