Thursday, March 6, 2008

Programs, Princess Parties, Poop & More Poop

Tuesday morning we attended the 4th six weeks awards program at Matthew's school. He won the "Hustle Award" for always showing up enthusiastic and ready to work. We were very, very proud of him.

Today is Mimi's birthday, but we had an early celebration Tuesday night (she babysat while Matt and I went to a bank function). Colby suggested a princess party. Since I probably won't get the opportunity to plan many princess themed parties, I ran with it. Here is a picture of her highness (notice the lovely tiara) doing what she does best.

Ryan FINALLY seems to be over his stomach bug, but he's had quite a "poopy" week! I'll spare you the details.

In other poop news, Colby has decided that he will not go on the potty, because "someone might smell it". Oh my!

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