Thursday, March 6, 2008

15 Minutes of Fame

This picture was taken at the A&M / Baylor game last night. It's a little hard to see (click on pic to see it larger), but the guy in the A&M shirt and hat shown jumping over the railing just happens to be MY HUSBAND!!

Long story short...

A BU fan threw a mini basketball down on the court. When the fans below turned to see who threw it, everyone turned and blamed the two Aggie students . The bald guy (who was sitting 20 rows below and couldn't have possibly seen who did it) ran up the stairs and began cussing out the two guys. All the Baylor fans around that hadn't actually seen what happened began screaming at these two guys. At this point Matt jumps the railing to tell Mr. Baldy (who happens to be a well-known attorney) to chill out because the guys didn't do it. Mr. Baldy becomes even more irate and gets in Matt's face, cussing and being a complete idiot. The police came over and escorted the Aggie fans out (the cops said they knew they didn't do it, but felt that it was safer to remove them from the situation.

So, Matt gets to work today to find this picture (and ones like it) posted all over the Internet on various BU and A&M fan sites and

Here are a couple of pictures that were edited on

The first post in the link below tells the story. Be sure to click on page 1 in the top right corner to see the original post. There are a few references to "Big Aggie" throughout the thread.

Tonight, Matt is pictured on the front page of, but I'm sure that will be changed soon (surely there's something more news worthy going on). If it's gone when you check it, here's the picture that was the main news story for most of the day today.

Here is the link to the Bear Blog that has some discussion of the incident. Matt would want me to point out the first comment that refers to "a well-built A&M fan":)

It's been fun watching this explode today, but I think Matt is ready for the incident to blow over so he can return to his normal life. Fame is really taking its toll on him ;)

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realitymomma said...

kirk is quite proud of matt. however, you can expect that from an A&M fan. a tech fan would never throw something onto a court or are too fast at this blogging thing. you already got the award on there and all. wow!
glad you are all getting better. hope to see you sunday.