Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Ryan (& more stuff from the last few weeks)

It's been a while since my last post...I'm clearly not great at this.

First of all.....Ryan was 6 months old on the 14th. It's gone by so fast!

"The Great Stomach Bug of '08" really messed him up. He has developed lactose intolerance, which is hopefully temporary and REFUSES to eat any solids. At daycare, he screams when he sees the bowl and spoon headed his way. At home he clamps his lips shut and gags if I touch a spoon to his lips. I'm trying not to be worried about it...but I'm a Mommy, worrying is what I do best. He was doing great with the solids before, so hopefully we'll catch back up soon. He still takes his bottle (with soy formula) just fine and he is obviously not starving.

Here are some pictures from Friday, his 1/2 birthday.

"Hey, Mom...love my new kicks!"
"Dad, why do ya'll take so many pictures of me in the bathroom?"

"Um...Colb...does Mommy know you're doing that?"

"Bubba...you're soooo funny!"
We went to Mom and Dad's on Saturday (after the egg hunt...see below) and spent the day with my Mammaw and Aunt June.
Here's some video from Saturday. (yea...I've figured out how to post video...hopefully).

Saturday morning, Mimi came with us to the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at my Dad's office. Matthew was only 2 months old the first time we attended and it was COLD!!! We've been almost every year since. This year the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!

Matthew found a "prize" egg this year and won this huge basketball themed Easter basket. He was very, very excited.

I thought it was cooler out that it was and these were the only long-sleeved matching shirts we had. These guys are cute in anything...but not so Eastery in camo.
I have to share one last picture. This is a couple of Fridays ago (the 8th, I believe). We woke up to SNOW. We were up, dressed and outside by about 6:45. Fortunately (or unfortunately...depends on who you ask) the roads were clear so we still had school. The snow was gone before lunchtime.


realitymomma said...

it has gone by so fast. he is such a good mix of colby and matthew. in some pics he looks like matthew and then in some he looks like colby. i can't decide.

The Gleaton Gang said...

I can't believe how big Ryan is getting and Colby and Matthew too! Hope you all had a great Easter! Check out my blog LOL... www.thegleatongang.blogspot.com