Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Matthew's 2nd Annual Birthday Sleepover

I'm still spinning from the big birthday bash Saturday night. Matthew had 9 (yes, 9) of his buddies over for the party. After meeting at the house and devouring every last crumb of pizza Matt bought, we braved a trip to the bowling alley (unfortunately I forgot my camera), where they bowled for two hours and had tons of popcorn and soda (yea, bad idea!). Then we went back home for more snacks, presents, and a movie, which I was certain would put them all to sleep...WRONG! I'm not sure what time they went to bed, but they were up at 6:00. The boys seemed to have a blast and Matt and I....well, all I can say is that we survived!

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Taylor said...

9!!! Oh my. The most we've done is 6, and that was scary! You are a brave woman!

realitymomma said...

you are so brave - and to go bowling. i thought running a marathon was hard, but honey, you take the cake on that one!