Monday, August 4, 2008

I'll be in trouble for this one!

As part of the growing basket of "girl stuff" I'm collecting for Isabella, I ordered this bow with her initial on it (yes, my sister reads my blog, so SURPRISE!). I bribed Ryan with a graham cracker and he proudly modeled it for me.

I ordered it from They are so great! (and, I think, inexpensive although I'm not an expert on hairbows.) If you go to the website, Ryan is wearing the "baby large" size.

Happy Monday....This is my last week at work before two weeks of vacation....ahhhhhhhh!

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Heather said...

Ryan is such a cute boy he would actually be a cute girl too!

realitymomma said...

he's cute no matter what gender. see, a bow makes a difference in the way a kids looks! too bad tater rips hers off of her head.

what did matt say? if mine can wear spiderman, yours can wear bows!

The Gleaton Gang said...

That's a good one Jenny!! I would have never know it was Ryan!