Monday, July 28, 2008

Cousins, Cousins and more Cousins (and some other random stuff)


I typed this post on Monday, but didn't have time to add the video. I saved it intending to finish it Tuesday morning. WELL, here it is, Friday afternoon and I'm just getting it done...SHEESH!
The past two weekends have been busy. We've loved spending time with family on both sides that we don't see often enough.

Two weekends ago, Matt's aunt, uncle and cousins from Fargo came down. They stayed until Wednesday, and we had so much fun hanging out with them at Nana's. I'm surprised all of our kids didn't grow fins, as much time as they spent in Nana's pool. I had my camera with me the entire time, but didn't manage to take any pictures. (If someone has some, e-mail them to me and I'll post them.)
This past weekend we headed to Denton with Mimi and Pop for the 2nd Annual Duncan Cousins Camp. Of course, my kids spent most of the day in the pool. I've posted video of Matthew & Colb jumping off the diving board. Later in the day, they started jumping off the lifeguard stand (obviously, there was no life guard on duty). Colby, my little 3 year-old dare devil, launched himself off of a 6 ft. wooden platform, but was terrified to watch "Hook" (you know the one with Robin Williams as Peter Pan) on t.v. last night. Matthew is really a great swimmer, but for some reason was afraid to jump off the diving board without his life jacket.

(Dang it...I can't get my video to's some pictures instead)

One more thing....
After the boys were all dressed this morning, I noticed a funny their shirts.
I promise I didn't have time to plan this out today, but they all three say "HOOPS".

Many of you know that I am anti-scrapbooking. I love to take pictures of my kids and I enjoy looking through my photo albums, but I refuse to spend the time and money on scrapbooking. Well, my friend Amy (this is where I should link you to her blog, but I can't remember the address and I can't look it up from work....I'll try later), who is Supermom to three adorable girls was childless and husbandless this week and asked if I'd like to come scrapbook with her. She was just a little behind (actually she was about four years and two kids behind) and planned to get caught up during her alone time (she also had some dental surgery on Wednesday and didn't think she'd feel much like leaving the house.) I explained my whole anti-scrapbooking thing and she said..."Well, come anyway!" So I did and guess was great!

These are two of the six I worked on for her. Although, I still have NO desire to do my own pictures, I now totally understand the addiction that some of you have. So...if anyone needs a scrapbooking assistant.... I can always use an excuse to get out of the house.

My goal for the next week is to blog more often, so my posts aren't so long and random.

Happy Weekend!

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