Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Colby-Colb!

Colby turned the big "3" on Saturday.

The festivities started at school on Friday. I realized Thursday night that Friday was clown day, so I had to do some creative thinking to come up with a last minute clown suit. Luckily, we had blue hair spray that Matthew used a couple of weeks ago for Crazy Hair Day at camp, I dug the lovely red socks with presents out of my drawer, and we had the multi-colored cotton pom-poms left from one of Matthew's art projects last year. When combined with the lovely camo shorts, we created COLBY-COLB THE BIRTHDAY CLOWN!

Of course, Saturday began with the Traditional Hale Birthday Breakfast (minus Matthew, who was at a friend's sleepover)

After running a ton of errands Saturday morning, making final preparations throughout the day, and squeezing in a nap for everyone......IT WAS FINALLY PARTY TIME!

This is Colby's friend from daycare, Jacob. They are truly best buddies. They are so much alike that it is SCARY!

Being 3 ROCKS!

And he finally pooped out (in his brand new Hulk p.j's)!

Happy Birthday, Colby-Colb! You are a joy and most definitely ONE OF A KIND! Love you bunches.

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Heather said...

Ohhhh!!!!! It looks like Colby had another fantastic party! LOVE YA COLBY!!!!!!!!

realitymomma said...

what an awesome clown suit!!! he is so fun, and such a big boy - 3..