Friday, August 22, 2008

Holy Mole-y Part 2

I've been soooo busy relaxing on my two week vacation from the bank, that I haven't even been able to find the time to blog ;)

Actually, my little vacation has been quite productive. We've visited various doctors and dentists and all had haircuts (including Ryan...I finally gave in!) I've done some much needed work around the house including major cleaning...blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans and some serious closet organizing. Having three kids of the same gender is a huge blessing for the clothing budget, but it's a lot of work keeping up with all those sizes and seasons. As I was surrounded by mountains of winter clothes, I realized that it would be easier and MUCH more fun to go out and buy new clothes for everyone. Needless to say, Matt does not agree. I worked on getting the clothes Ryan has outgrown ready for the Just Between Friends consignment sale coming up next month. (If you haven't ever heard of this, check it out They do consignment sales all over the state twice a year). From Ryan alone (because I keep all the clothes the other boys outgrow for "hand-me-downs") I have over 100 items...and that's winter clothes only...sizes newborn to 18 months.

I did squeeze in some fun.....a trip to Six Flags for Matthew and I, the new Star Wars animated movie, a little shopping, lots of playing, and many nights staying up WAY too late watching the Olympics...GO USA!

So....Monday it's back to work for me and back to school for Matthew....1st GRADE...HERE HE COMES!

Today, however, was Colby's big surgery day. We woke up bright and early and got to the Surgery Center at 6:45. (A big thank you to Mimi for coming this morning to get Ryan up, dressed and to daycare before she and Matthew came to wait with always, I had to twist her arm :) )

Everything this morning went really fast. He sat on the bed with the Hulk and some legos while he waited to go back for his procedure.
When it was his turn, he hopped on the anesthesiologists back and off he went...such a big boy!

So, Matt and I headed to the waiting room and were soon joined by Pop and then Mimi and Matthew arrived. It was only about 30 minutes before Matt and I were called back to the consultation room to see the doctor. After a short report about the surgery...which went very well, they had us return to the waiting room while they moved Colby to recovery.

That was a short wait and as they walked us back to the recovery room, I heard the screaming. Colby was awake (sort of) and he was not happy. In fact, he was hysterical for about half an hour crying, trying to pull out his i.v., and making no sense. They tried some medication through the i.v., but I don't think it worked at all. We finally got him calmed down enough to drink some juice and eat a Popsicle, so they took the i.v. out.
We thought this would keep him calm, but the hysteria started again shortly. They discharged us with our screaming 3 year old and off we went.

He wouldn't stay buckled in his car seat, so I held him most of the way home, while he screamed and cried and struggled to get away from me. (It was about this time that I began to think we had made a terrible mistake!) We got inside and he continued to scream and hit Matt and I. He wanted us to leave him alone, which we gladly did.

After probably another half hour or so of crying, he laid on the floor and zoned out for a long time. Then, as if none of this had happened, he hopped up with a huge smile and said he was hungry. And he's been eating ever since.
He's also been talking nonstop and playing normally despite my subtle encouragement to lay down and take a nap. He's gotten really still on the couch a few times, but can't manage to close those eyes.

So, we can resume "normal" activity tomorrow and go back to the doctor on Wednesday for follow-up.

More later...

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realitymomma said...

as much as you have worried about this, this will be better for him and to get it removed at a young age will benefit him in the long run. and as we saw tonight, it is not slowing him down one bit!!!!