Thursday, May 29, 2008

Complete MAYhem!

I am so ready for JUNE!! I know that May is a crazy month for everyone. This week has been especially busy. I feel like I'm on fast-forward.

Here's some of what we've been up to:
I turned 30 last week on the 24th. Friday, my dear, sweet friends decorated my office with "30" signs and black balloons, and brought breakfast for me. It was YUMMY!!

Of course on Saturday, we had our traditional Hale Birthday Breakfast.

Matt and the boys "surprised" me with this FABULOUS jewelry cabinet:

LOVE IT!!! (sorry...still can't rotate)

After my birthday breakfast, we went to Matthew's last t-ball game where he hit another home run! Then it was off to Chuck E. Cheese for their "end of the season" party. We ran home and repacked the diaper bag and headed to Mom and Dad's. The boys played in the water all afternoon and we had a delicious steak dinner. It was a great birthday, and I'm even feeling o.k. about being 30!

Monday was a holiday for all of us and it was nice to just hang out at home. The boys played outside in the water and Matt cooked burgers.

Matthew graduated from kindergarten Tuesday night. It was a lllooonnnggg program, but very cute. This year has flown by, and he had a good year. We are so fortunate to be in a wonderful school district and were blessed with a GREAT teacher this year!

Here is Ryan's latest trick (excuse my I really sound like this?)

I didn't have any action shots of Colb this week, but, believe me, there is plenty of action when Colby is around! He is doing AWESOME in his undies! After the nightmare it was to potty train Matthew, this is a piece of cake!

One quick Colby story:

We were about five minutes from home this afternoon. As I'm making a left turn, Colby says, "Hey Mom, Ryan's seat isn't buckled." That very instant I hear a crash and turn to see Ryan's seat rolling over in the back seat. I'm trying not to panic as I pull over. He ended up upside down, but safely strapped in his car seat. He didn't even cry. Colby admitted to unbuckling the seat belt. He said he did it when when we got to school this morning, so apparently I drove almost all the way home like that.

He's such an angel......


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